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• An accurate estimate will allways by definition be an estimate as it sometimes involve a lot of calculations, the labor cost rate and the execution time are different for different operations. For this reasons, we don't make so called "instant-estimates" over the phone. If somebody pretend that he/she can make such thing in an accurate manner, well ... this is just wrong.

• One more thing: we prefer to direct your estimate request to the right person, not to somebody who is not qualified.

Smart Services 4 All. Everything. Until perfection.

Frustration-free painting services from a family-run business.


Your house doesn't become your home when you sign the final papers, but when it reflects who you are, and a fresh coat of paint is often the first and most important step.

At Smart Services 4 All we understand that we're not just entering a job site, but your home. We are guests in your home and we understand that your life doesn't stop just because we're there. We respect this by being clean, on time and as unobtrusive as possible.

The exterior paint job of your home has to not only be aesthetically appealing, but it has to be done right or you'll have to do it again in a few short years.

We know the weather and climate issues that your home will face and we are dedicated to making sure that the house looks beautiful and will stay that way for as long as possible.


When it comes to your commercial jobs you need to work with someone you can trust to get the job done right, on budget, and on time. That is why you should use Smart Services 4 All.

Commercial interiors are always custom. Whether it's a warehouse, a factory or a commercial kitchen, no job is like the other. Smart Services 4 All has the expertise to complete your commercial interior whatever it is, regardless of its complexity or size.

Curb appeal is nice for a home, but is critical for a business. The way your building looks reflects on your company and it can affect your business. Clients, customers and even employees make lasting opinions based on the first impression of your exterior.


Refurbishment and renovation packages for offices will make a marked improvement to your work space. Workers operating in clean, well decorated and visually enhanced work areas produce better results.

We will fit all redecoration and other work around any communications and information technology systems in use to reduce disruption to the daily running of the office.

We produce a schedule, a specific and detailed work plan, to make sure that we provide a smooth service with as little disruption to workers as is physically possible.

We combine all the services Smart Services 4 All hold to ensure that the outcome of your refurbishment is simply stunning. Smart Services 4 All provide a complete package, reducing the workload and stress involved.


Cost and disruption to business trading are key concerns to any retailer and our teams meticulously plan and implement maintenance solutions that have long-term durability and cause the minimum disruption to trade.

We use quick drying and low-odour paint throughout the process ensuring that shoppers are unaware the redecoration is happening and the surfaces provide an easily cleaned and durable solution for years to come.

By working closely with their clients, Smart Services 4 All have developed an expertise in the refurbishment of retail premises which is second to none.

Painting in retail environment, where Health, Safety and Quality must always be of the highest standards and completion within programme and cost parameters is essentia, it is a challenge that we know how to successfully accomplish..

Code of conduct

We have designed our service based on the following aims:

  • To display a polite and professional attitude at all times.
  • To arrive on site promptly at the agreed time.
  • To give immediate notification of any expected delay in arrival.
  • To ensure our painters0re smartly attired in our uniform.
  • To ensure that specific customer requirements are fully understood and observed.
  • To work efficiently in a planned, methodical manner, ensuring any disruption is effectively minimised.

  • To ensure adequate protective measures are taken.
  • To comply fully with health & safety regulations.
  • To offer a 'no quibble' workmanship guarantee.
  • To handle any customer dissatisfaction in a courteous, respectful and objective manner.
  • To provide all customers with the opportunity to comment on the quality of service received.
2 Year Warranty

The warranty is for a period of two years, or twenty-four months from the date that the Customer Comment Card was signed and dated. Smart Services 4 All warrants against peeling and blistering due to defective workmanship. This warranty is not transferable.

The warranty will be effective if, and only if, the customer:
1. Pays Smart Services 4 All in full
2. Completes the Customer Comment Card
3. Retains the original contract

If these conditions are met, Smart Services 4 All will perform repairs with no labor charge. Smart Services 4 All will perform repairs only for the original customer.
Smart Services 4 All will repair only areas where peeling and blistering has occurred. Smart Services 4 All will not exceed repairs mentioned on original estimate sheet.

Areas not warranted:
1. Any horizontal surface
2. Cracks in plaster and or drywall
3. Paint supplied by customer
4. Galvanized metal
5. Bleeding knots
6. Moisture damage, rust
7. Exterior varnished surfaces
8. Peeling of previous paint layers

The warranty does not include:
1. Cracks or tape tears due to a shifting building
2. Paint cost.
3. Matching of the paint. The paint can be matched closely, but rarely perfectly.
4. Mildew – caused by moisture accumulation
5. Rotten wood, or rusted or disintegrating metals